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If your vehicle is damaged, Lexus Trained Technicians are the right people to complete your repairs.

If you've ever been involved in an auto accident, be it a minor fender bender or a major collision, then we certainly don't have to tell you the experience can be an emotional jolt. For luxury vehicle drivers, the emotional toll often comes with an extra dimension-it's tough to see a beautiful, premium automobile suddenly, and quite visibly, flawed. 

Restoring a damaged vehicle is, of course, a different type of repair endeavor than your normal maintenance and repairs. The administrative aspects and repair process are unique, which is why, in general, body shops are different entities than car maintenance centers. 

It's also precisely why Lexus goes to great lengths to train technicians. These specialized technicians focus squarely on the collision restoration needs of Lexus models and, unlike general body shops, Lexus technicians undergo rigorous-and continual-training through a Lexus-specific certification program. 

Everything at a Don Thornton Certified Collision Center, from the repair process to the parts logistics, is geared toward restoring your vehicle back to Lexus factory standards or also called Repair Planning. Repair Planning generally isn't practiced at independent body shops, which often fulfill only the basic repair requirements outlined by an insurance company. Insurance companies naturally look for the least expensive and less precise options disregarding consumer safety or factory recommendations. As a luxury facility, Don Thornton Certified Collision will  go the distance to meet factory specifications.

To that end, precision is the word that comes to mind when one steps behind the scenes at  Don Thornton Certified Collision, where specialized technicians use their expertise like surgeons. Their ability to restore a damaged Lexus to factory standards starts with knowledge of the vehicle design  and a culture of "Perfection is our goal; Excellence is our standard".

Lexus vehicles are built with extreme precision requirements-components must be assembled and returned to factory measurements. Don Thornton Certified Collision only recommends Genuine Lexus Parts. Genuine Lexus Parts have been engineered and crashed tested for consumer safety. Other body shops are persuaded by the insurance company to repair your vehicle has cheap as possible compromising consumer safety.

It is extremely important to know that you have the right to choose your collision repair center. Not every insurance company is concerned for proper repairs as much as cost savings and knowing that Don Thornton Certified Collision is a resource for Lexus drivers performing proper repairs then they may initially recommend other shops. Lexus drivers have the right to specify that Don Thornton Certified Collision Center handle the collision and paint restoration.

By restoring Lexus vehicles to pre-accident condition, our true aim is to take care of the owner. If you and your Lexus are ever in an accident, the last thing you need is the further stress of dealing with a repair shop that doesn't know your vehicle or have your safety in mind.