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Do I have to have an appointment for an estimate?

We can provide a better service when an appointment is made. An estimate could take up to 30 minutes to perform. Although we do accommodate walk in estimates, a more convenient option is our ez estimate tool that you can use your phone.

Do I have to get 3 estimates?

No, you do not have to obtain 3 estimates. Due to the complexity of vehicle construction, safety features & concern for consumer safety, all estimates will vary until the vehicle is properly disassembled & repair planned. We are the repair specialist but each vehicle still requires research to return your vehicle to a manufacturer safe repair.

What are aftermarket parts?

Your vehicle was crash tested for consumer safety with manufacture parts. Https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=qs6ywfgclskaftermarket parts are supplied by a 3rd party trying to reproduce the part disregarding consumer safety. Aftermarket parts have not been crash tested on the vehicle; there are generally fitment & quality issues; they generally are not made out of the same material nor do they have the same tensile strength. Accidents don't happen all the time but when they do we want to make sure you're safe. Would you want to use an aftermarket defibrillator, a defibrillator repaired with parts from a 3rd party supplier or one purchased from a salvage yard? You don't need it all the time but when you do you want to ensure it is certified, tested & authorized by hospitals and doctors to work when needed. Do you offer a guarantee? Yes. Our work is guaranteed in writing for the life you own your vehicle.

What is a repair plan?

The initial estimate only contains items that are visible to the estimator. Your vehicle contains technological & safety features with complex vehicle designs. A repair plan is a more accurate estimate performed after the vehicle is disassembled and vehicle research is performed.

How long will my repairs take?

It is hard to give an accurate estimated completion date until the vehicle has been repair planned. After a repair plan is completed we can provide an approximation & update you through the repair process.