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 The Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network is one part of the future plans for Cadllac. The following quote from Cadillac's president, Johan de Nysschen provides insight as to the future: "Cadillac is embarking upon a bold new journey, and the Cadillac organization is invigorated. It's not often that a 113-year-old icon with such a legacy reinvents itself, and it's awesome for all of us to be a part of it." He goes on to say "Cadillac is on a mission to shatter the status quo. Cadillac will lead with highly aspirational products packed with advanced technology, superlative craftsmanship, and distinctive design." With introduction of aluminum architecture into our vehicles, Cadillac is determined to ensure our vehicle owners have a nationwide network of collision repair facilities properly equipped and trained to repair their Cadillac. It is the commitment of the most dedicated and progressive repair facilities that provide the foundation for this network. 


The design of the program is unique. It is an OEM-affiliated collision repair network that includes repair process verification as one of its components. This means that each network member has the confidence in their daily operations to allow an outside agency access to their internal processing methodology. Benefits this program offers include. 


 • The Cadillac customer will have the support of their Dealer, OnStar and insurance companies in locating an Authorized Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facility. 

• Eligible customers receive complimentary towing. Customers can refer to their Cadillac Dealer for the latest information on this benefit. 

• In the event of an accident, OnStar representatives will be available to help vehicle owners identify the closest a Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facility. 

• Confidence in knowing the selected collision repair facility has met Cadillac program standards and will expertly and efficiently repair their vehicle. 

• Participating repair facilities have automotive repair experts that use genuine Cadillac parts designed specifically for their vehicle.

• Cadillac Customer Care and OnStar will help vehicle owners find the nearest Cadillac Aluminum Repair Network facility. 

• Participating facilities are the only repair facilities authorized by Cadillac to perform structural aluminum repairs on the aluminum construction vehicles. 

The network is designed to help drive customer safety, customer satisfaction and strong results of proper repairs to their consumers. For your safety, it is strongly recommended to have your collision repairs performed at one of their certified facilities like Don Thornton Certified Collision. In choosing a repair facility that is part of the Collision Repair Network  GM vehicle owners can be confident the repair facility has the right equipment and training to efficiently help deliver proper, safe, quality repairs through the integration of repair procedures, diagnostic data, and repair quality control checks.

GM put the customer at the center of attention when they designed the GM Collision Repair Network. GM's belief is there isn't anything more important than knowing they can trust Don Thornton Certified Collision in the safety and integrity of vehicle repairs when it leaves the repair facility. As vehicle technology evolves, it's more important than ever to complete proper repairs.

After a collision, GM's Collision Repair Network, combined with OnStar, helps educate and empower GM vehicle owners by helping them locate repair facilities where qualified technicians follow proper repair procedures using original equipment replacement parts. Please review GM's concerns regarding utilization of GM collision parts:


The new Collision Repair Network builds on GM's current training and tool-focused programs, while adding standards for pre- and post-repair scanning, repair procedures, calibration and overall repair. Repair facilities in the network should experience a more streamlined collision repair process, including reduced time spent on diagnosing and pulling repair procedures.

To further support the repair industry and advancements in safety technology, GM releases position statements to help ensure the vehicles are repaired to the original pre-crash condition. All of GM's position statements can be downloaded at
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